To the Last Round: The Epic British Stand on the Imjin River, Korea 1951 - Andrew  Salmon Haven't read much about the British post WWII army exploits so I looked very much forward to read it. And I found it to be a good book. The author relates this account in a free flowing and easy read language. Including a brief but fine outline of the history of Korea up to the Korean War.

And I really wish I could have finished it, but had to abandon it because - and that's my bad, not the authors - I easily loose the 'big, chromium plated breadth of view' when too many names of NCO's, privates, corporals, Majors, Generals, regiments, places, hills, deployments, manoeuvres, dates etc. etc are tossed into an account. I really have to pay attention and stay focused on a book if not to. And that takes time and extended periods of reading which I did not give my self reading this one.

That said I can only recommend it to any with interest in the subject.