The Battle For The Falklands

The Battle For The Falklands - Max Hastings,  Simon Jenkins In 82' I was preoccupied with the task of being young as well as finishing my education in the merchant navy.

In those days - when at sea - the daily news were compiled and 'edited' by the radio officer and distributed on a single sheet of A4 paper pinned to the bulletin board in the mess. And to be honest, you would not find me in front of that reading it.

(To the youngsters: Once upon a time the internet did not exist. Amazingly we survived to tell the tale ;-)

So the 'big picture' of the state of the world was not all that clear to me.

To to read about the course of events in this - in many respects - strange war has been very interesting. And put more than a few things in perspective.

For me this book was a very good read