Tramp in Armor

Tramp in Armor - Colin Forbes In the seventies book clubs was very popular in Denmark. And my father was a member of one too. Thence our home had an ample supply of books (During the years it accumulated into many 'shelf meters')

And as my father – a history teacher with WWII as the era of interest – also was a school librarian I became 'environmental damaged' and read scores of books. Among those was 'Tramp in Armor'.

At the time I read it, it was as a good and thrilling story but I was only faintly able to see the big picture of the battles in France 1940. So I plan to read it again, could be interesting to see if it still hits home almost forty years later.

Something in my mind tells me that Forbes was one of the authors I liked but I do not remember the details from the book very well hence the three stars is only an estimated guesswork.