The Spitfire Story

The Spitfire Story - Alfred Price Funny thing is that I do acknowledge the Spitfire as one of the most iconic and significant fighters ever designed but never really got 'caught' by it as such.

Mr. Price's book changed that to a degree. Amazing to read about the development from the first Mk I to the later Mk. 24. As an example; The increase in gross weight from the first Mk. I to the last Mk 24 equals 30 airline passengers plus their luggage. That's something . . . .

As mentioned I haven't read many books about the Spitfire so I cannot say whether this book is better than others or if it is just another book on the subject. But I had a good time reading it. And the book contains a lot of pictures to enjoy. (In my opinion early and 'mid-life' Spitfires where by far the best looking of the lot. The late Marks lost their harmonic and elegant look)

So I can only recommend it.

Take care