Most Secret War

Most Secret War - R.V. Jones I started reading this book with no other expectations than to be a little wiser and entertained at the same time. But ended up with a feeling of having read one of the best and most vivid accounts of WWII I have ever read.

The subject – scientific intelligence – may seem a bit ‘dry’, but in this book it is not. Deductions becomes an art, compiling, filtering and picking the right intelligence a virtue and – in this case – to be a survivor in ‘bloodless tribal wars’ (Walt Rostow) among scientists a must. If I was in any doubt that the ‘tech war’ of WWII in Europe was on the edge all the time, I am not anymore.

I can only recommend this book fully as a solid foundation for anyone who read about the WWII air battles over Great Britain and Germany as well as the V1 and V2 weapons.